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WebPageTest.org now has a server located in Denmark – Delivered by instant@larm | Digicure A/S

If you're one of the many thousands users that use the web performance tool WebPageTest.org, you now have the option to run tests from a location in Denmark. The team behind instant@larm has set up the very first WebPageTest.org instance located in Denmark, which enables users to analyze their website's performance from Denmark.

Have you not previously tried using the web performance tool WebPageTest.org, it can only be recommended that you do so. The tool is free of charge and enables you to get insights into how your website performs when it comes to web performance.

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Companies' increasing dependence on IT systems makes great demands on IT security and how performance is controlled. No business today can denounce the importance of focusing on IT security and web performance. Poor IT security can mean lost productivity, loss of confidential data and a loss in image for the company.

Since its creation in 2002 Digicure has built up extensive expertise in independent IT security analysis as well as analyzing web performance.

Benefits of working with Digicure

Our services help you, among other things, to:

  • Remain competitive by avoiding costly downtime, data loss etc.
  • Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in IT systems before they are compromised
  • Reduce the time spent in the elimination of vulnerabilities
  • Get an overview of the scalability of IT systems, and thereby ensure that growth expectation is fulfilled
  • Be immediately alerted if a performance problem arises within the web environment

We assist more than 1000 companies in Europe, to proactively secure their IT systems from outside threats as well as improve their web performance.

We make a virtue of our independence as our documentation is often used and presented to operating and development partners, the auditors and as part of achieving compliance in connection with, among others, PCI and DS484.

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